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Uniting the Wisdom of Heart & Soul: A Spiritual Community Dedicated to the Divine Mother

Find Your Path to Awakening through the Power of Community. 

Discover a vibrant online spiritual community where diverse paths converge in pursuit of hope, healing and awakening through the power and wisdom of the divine feminine.

DEVI LOKA provides a strong sense of community and mutual support, a commitment to personal and collective spiritual growth, and an dedication to share love and wisdom with others.

"I love this community, I love being here. I have found my community and it’s such a bliss and a blessing thank you so much forever and ever." 💖 ~Natalia G., DEVI LOKA Member


Navigating the Spiritual Path Isn't Meant to Be Walked Alone

Does this sound like you? 
  • You are struggling to find inner peace amidst daily chaos and stress. 
  • You are spending precious moments feeling disconnected from your spiritual essence. 
  • You're yearning for an authentic community that understands and supports your spiritual journey. 
  • You are seeking something beyond traditional religious practices to help you better connect to your soul.

What our members say:

"What an amazing community this is! I'm blown away by your open hearts and honest sharing, and my heart really rejoices in this journey we're embarking on together. 🥰" 
~Monica I., DEVI LOKA Member

"I joined in on the first free satsang, and without a doubt in my mind knew that I wanted to sign up, the energy was filling me with love and I am excited to unpack this journey together with you all.💓" 
~ Courtney H.

"Very grateful to be part of this tradition now. It feels like I’m coming home 🙏." 
~ Niedra G.

"Thank you for creating this amazing platform for knowledge, growth, practice." 
~Grace R.

"It gives me such comfort and encouragement that there is something sacred that continues and endures despite adverse circumstances." 
~Sarayu I.

"Grateful for the guidance to go deep, as deep as we can into that pure, inner bliss.  Thank you!🙏🏻🌀💖"
~Jaya O.

"I'm ready, let's do it! we now are a family who supports the miraculous dreams to come true💥💫🙏"
~ Kritajna A.

Imagine a life where every dawn brings you closer to your true self.

At DEVI LOKA, we don’t just imagine this – we live it.
Join us and experience how your life transforms in profound and heartening ways.
  • Imagine feeling connected to yourself and your purpose throughout each day.
  • Imagine being part of a community where every interaction is meaningful and every conversation nurtures your soul. 
  • Imagine witnessing your own spiritual evolution, feeling a deeper sense of purpose and joy with each passing day. 

DEVI LOKA is helping hundreds of people from around the world experience true connection & growth daily!


Access DEVI LOKA offerings & events from anywhere in the world. 

Join a growing global community of spiritual seekers!

🎤 LIVE* Group Sessions

30+ LIVE events a month, including satsangs with three Western spiritual masters, spiritual knowledge teachings, and small group sessions with fellow community members.

🔥 Online Spiritual Ceremonies

Participate in LIVE weekly virtual ceremonies focused on healing and manifestation, to purify and open your heart and connect you more deeply to your soul’s purpose.

🛠️ Tools for Self-Awakening & Healing

Dive deep into a range of tools for personal growth, healing and awakening with articles, ancient teachings and monthly themes designed to grow amplify your personal spiritual journey.                                                               

🥧 Daily Spiritual Nourishment

Receive daily inspirations rooted in the wisdom of the divine feminine.

⌚️24/7 Access to Unlimited Wisdom

Anytime-access to profound teachings through articles, LIVE satsang replays, daily practices and guidance.

🫶🏾 Collaborative Spiritual Journey

Engage in heartful group sessions and chats anytime, fostering a sense of community and shared growth.

🧭 Guides to Deepen Personal Experience

Engage with your choice of 13 senior healers and teachers for guidance and inspiration in topic-focused LIVE sessions, chats and regular engagement.

"No question I've arrived Home, my Souls Home. NO where to go but higher and higher from here. Feels so good to be connected to kindred Souls 😚" 
~Elizabeth R.

Welcome to DEVI LOKA!

Whatever your spiritual path, be part of a community of engaged spirituality and awakening through the company of those on a journey to true enlightenment.